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3SK12111BB40 - SIRIUS safety relay output expansion 4RO with relay enabling circuits

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SIRIUS safety relay Output expansion 4RO with relay enabling circuits 4 NO contacts plus Relay signaling circuit 1 NC contact Us = 24 V DC screw terminal Output expansion SIRIUS 3SK1 for safety relays.
The 3SK output expansions are used for supplementing basic units with additional safe outputs with a switching capacity of up to 10 A. They can be connected to each 3SK basic unit by wiring. All devices with a 24 V DC control supply voltage can also be connected to the 3SK1 and 3SK2 Advanced basic units using 3ZY12 device connectors.
The devices have four (AC-15 5 A) or three (AC-15 10 A) fail-safe outputs. There is a choice between a control supply voltage of 24 V or a wide voltage range. Available with screw or spring-type terminals (push-in) across the board.
The 3SK safety relays are replacing the proven 3TK28 series.
Safety is a SIRIUS business.

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