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6EP19613BA01 - 6EP19613BA01 - Buffer module SITOP PSE201U with buffer capacity 100 ms to 10 s load current-...

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SITOP PSE201U buffer module Buffer time 100 ms to 10 s depending on load current *Ex approval no longer available* The SITOP PSE201U buffer module provides buffering for brief power failures in the seconds range and ensures interruption-free plant operation This expansion module can be used with all 24 V power supply units of the SITOP smart and SITOP modular product lines. The buffer module uses maintenance-free capacitors as energy storage devices and automatically supplies 24 V in the event of power failure. Supply voltage  20.5 V is signaled by an LED on the device. To increase the buffer time (max. 10 s), up to 8 buffer modules can be connected in parallel. The SITOP DC UPS modules offer protection against longer power failures. A reliable 24 V supply is provided over minutes by the maintenance-free DC UPS with capacitors and over hours by the DC UPS with battery modules. Regardless of the industry or requirements, Siemens offers reliable and efficient power supplies for every plant.

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