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3UF70101AB000 - Basic unit 2 SIMOCODE pro V, PROFIBUS DP interface 12 Mbit/s, RS 485, 4 I/3 Q

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Basic unit SIMOCODE pro V PB PROFIBUS DP interface 12 Mbit/s, RS 485, 4I/3O freely parameterizable, Us: 24 V DC, input for thermistor connection Monostable relay outputs, expandable by extension modules Motor management system SIMOCODE pro V PB for extensive protection, monitoring, safety and control functions for asynchronous motors and detailed operating, service and diagnostics data for process control systems and control systems using the most common fieldbus systems.
The variable and intelligent motor management system offers the possibility of implementing a large number of control functions, e.g. for pole-changing starters or positioner control, and functions independently of the automation system. In interaction with various expansion modules, it provides an extensive range of inputs/outputs, voltage and power recording, fail-safe disconnection of motors, precise ground-fault detection via the 3UL23 residual-current transformers, analog value monitoring and temperature measurement. Depending on the version, a wide variety of communication interfaces such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET, OPC UA, Modbus RTU or EtherNet/IP are possible. The system supplies detailed operational, service and diagnostics data – at any time or place. Worldwide approvals (e.g. IEC and UL/CSA), also for applications in hazardous areas (ATEX or IEC Ex) are available. Deployment with IE3/IE4 motors is supported. The SIMOCODE ES (TIA Portal) software is available for the configuration, commissioning, operation and diagnostics of SIMOCODE pro. The SIMOCODE pro block library for SIMATIC PCS 7 is used for the simple integration of SIMOCODE pro into the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system.
The SIMOCODE pro V basic units are available with 24 V DC or 110-240 V AC/DC control supply voltage.
The operation requires at least one current/voltage measuring module and a matching 3UF793 connecting cable. These optional operator panels with or without a display, as well as various expansion modules, are available separately.
Take a step into the future with SIMOCODE pro.

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