3TF68440CM7 - Contactor size 14, 3-pole, AC-3, 335 kW, 400/380 V (690 V) (4 NO + 4 NC)

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Contactor, Size 14, 3-pole, AC-3, 335kW, 400/380 V (690 V) Auxiliary switch 44 (4NO+4NC) AC operation 200…240 V AC 50/60 Hz Vacuum contactor 3TF6 for switching motors.
The 3TF6 vacuum contactors offer convincing high performance from a compact design with high contact reliability. They are also characterized by their particularly long switching endurance. They are therefore particularly well suited to frequent switching in inching operation. Pre-installed auxiliary switches reduce the complexity of your design. The devices are approved for worldwide use (e.g. IEC and UL/CSA) and are IE3/IE4-ready.
They are available in two sizes, with AC and DC operation, and in a wide performance range. The devices can be connected in the main circuit by means of rails.
A wide range of accessories is available for these contactors, such as surge suppressors, auxiliary switches or terminal covers.

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