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6XV18300EH10 - 6XV18300EH10 - PROFIBUS FC standard cable GP, 2-core, shielded, special design, sold by the ...

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PROFIBUS FC Standard Cable GP, bus cable 2-wire, shielded, special configuration for quick assembly, Delivery unit: max. 1000 m, minimum order quantity 20 m sold by the meter Standard bus cable specially designed for fast installation. The double shield makes it especially suitable for routing through industrial areas with strong electromagnetic fields.Time is saved thanks to easy and quick on-site installation. Reliable shield contact and strain relief as well as efficient EMC shielding. Network is not sensitive to interferences due to shielded, twisted-pair cable. System-wide grounding concept can be implemented using the external shield of the bus cable and the grounding terminals on the bus terminal. Silicone-free, therefore suitable for use in the automotive industry (for example on paint lines). Easy length measurement thanks to printed meter marking.

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