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PG & Metric Thread Dimensions


PG & Metric Thread Dimensions

 PG Thread  Approx Hole Size Metric Thread Approx Hole Size 
 PG7  13mm  M12 12.5mm
 PG9  15.7mm  M16  16.5mm
 PG11  19mm  M20  20.5mm
 PG13.5  21mm  M25  25.5mm
 PG16  23mm  M32  32.5mm
 PG21  28.8mm  M40  40.5mm
 PG29  37.5mm  M50  50.5mm
 PG36  47.5mm  M63  64.0mm
 PG42  54.5mm
 PG48  59.8mm


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