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Sensing & Safety


A comprehensive approach to Machine Safety

Hastings Electrical is much more than just a specialist supplier.

We offer you a complete machine safety solution taking a practical approach to machine safety.
In doing this we can provide an effective solution meeting Health & Safety legislation and
Australian Standards keeping your most valuable assets safe -your workers.
Services include:

Machine Risk Assessment and Consultancy Services Preliminary Hazard Analysis / Hazard Identification
  • defining the limits of the machinery to be reviewed.
Risk Assessment and Solution Recommendations
  • identifying all hazards, assessing risk levels (AS 4024 or ISO 13849) and providing recommendations for achieving the necessary safety levels.
Safety System Review / Analysis
  • documented examination of an existing machine safety system, providing upgrade recommendations on improvements where appropriate.
Verification / Validation
  • an independent review of a machine safety system to ensure that the hazards identified in the risk assessment have been addressed appropriately and that the necessary safety levels have been achieved
Isolation Review / Analysis
  • Review of existing machinery isolation capabilities with recommendations where required. Safety Procedure Development
  • safety procedure development, ranging from developing Job Safety Analysis (JSA) procedures to full Isolation (Lockout-Tag out) procedures.
Electrical Protective Devices and Controls Systems
  • Light Curtains and Area Scanners
  • Pressure Sensitive Safety Mats and Edges
  • Interlocking, Guarding and Access Control Switches
  • Drives & Motor Control
  • Stand alone Monitoring Relays
  • Programmable & Networking Safety Systems
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Monitoring Valves
Mechanical Guarding
  • Perimetre guarding, guarding and light curtain posts
  • Mesh Polycarbonate and Steel Clad Panels
  • Hinged, Sliding and Powered Doors
  • Hand Rails
  • Bollards & Barriers
  • Standard and Custom Solutions Available

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Our safety and
environmental pledge

We are committed to providing you with technology that makes your work environment safer and provides 24/7 communication.

What some of our customers think:

    • Under extreme pressure situations of breakdowns we rely on Hastings Electrical to get us out of trouble. We have had a long standing relationship for over 20 years!
      Keith - Plant Manager